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  • Welcome to SimpleConvert.com, the ultimate conversion website.
  • SimpleConvert.com is a fast growing conversion website, currently supporting conversion in 22 categories, including Currency. All conversion data have been gathered from most trustable resources and are presented to you with mathematical precision. The currency conversion rates are being auto-updated twice a day from two different sources for precision.
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  • #ChangeLog
  • Wap Site Denounced. Well, with our new detection system, there is no need for a seperate wap page. From now on, we will detect visitors device automatically and choose best format for the device. It may be a computer using web a browser or a handset celluler device. It does not matter. So we dont need a spesific wap site anymore. Simpleconvert.com main site will do fine :)
  • Update! We've updated our Time Section by adding units like "Planck Time", "fortnight", "quindecennial", "septennial", and "millenium".
  • Wap Site Launched! We've our wap site. You may keep on converting on your preferred mobile device! As saying goes, nothing like converting light years into parsec while flying over atlantic ocean via handset device.
  • New System Added: Currency! We are also auto-updating currency exchange rates twice a day. Gathering data from two different sources, to be sure to get real currency exchange rate. Supporting over 30 currency type (From uero, to Japanese Yen, New Turkish Lira, Estonian Kroon, Malasian Ringgit,...) Enjoy! ;)
  • New System Added: Time! Well, ever wondered what galaxy year "really" mean?
  • New System Added: Data (Storage)! As you suggested, we added data storage system. Now its a good time to calculate your hard disk drive capacity in Gigabyes, Nibbles, Petabits, Zettabytes...
  • Correction: A small glitch on Temperature conversion formula is fixed. You may use Fahrenheit as it was invented ;)

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